Steak Domain!

Yesterday was date night! After many long hours of work, a date night was what I needed. Deciding what to eat in Austin, TX can be a black hole of endless options. In our search, I decided it would be a steak night. Texas is, after all, the land of cattle, and beef is a solid choice.

At first, we thought to go somewhere low-end like Texas Roadhouse. I mean, who doesn’t love their fresh rolls! As we mulled over the ideas and names of steakhouses, we decided to head to The Domain. It is a newer area in Austin, full of shops aimed at clientele above my pay grade. Needless to say, we ended up parking and window shopping. We ended up at Fleming’s Steakhouse. As we walked in wearing our t-shirts and jeans, I knew we ran the risk of being turned away, since we didn’t have a reservation, and it was a Friday night. The hostess greeted us and said she could seat us in about 30-45 min. We were in no rush, so why the hell not.

We grabbed a few drinks at the bar and sat down to shoot the breeze.  I was two fresh-squeezed margaritas in, and my husband had an old-fashioned. Our table was ready in about 30 min. Can we all agree that Fleming’s has the best bread and compound butter?

Appetizers consisted of the maple glazed slab bacon. It was 3 small strips of bacon. I would not waste your money on this app. It tasted good, but it was chewy and too sweet. Nothing to write home about.

For dinner,  I opted for the chef’s special of filet mignon and three tempura shrimp. The husband had a certified Angus beef ribeye, truffle poached lobster tail, and Fleming’s potatoes to share. Dinner was delicious! Tempura shrimp was crispy and wonderfully cooked. The filet melted in your mouth. The cook was medium-rare, as any self-respecting meat eater would order. My husband and I tend to share food in order to try a bit of it all. My husband’s ribeye was also really good. It was so much food that we ended up taking some home. Leftovers will be a second whirlwind of deliciousness!

If you all are not incorporating date night into your marriage, you are missing out! Sometimes it is great to just focus on one another for the sheer reason of stepping back to take in the love shared between two individuals. I challenge you to take your significant other on a date night even if it is only once a month, and it doesn’t even have to be to someplace like Fleming’s. Try sharing time outside the home to make them feel like they are the only person in the world worth your time.

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