Top 10 Cruising Essentials

Are you new to cruising? Here are a few essentials you should consider when preparing for your cruise.

    1. Luggage tags.
      • Although you are able to print out luggage tags on paper it becomes difficult to keep them on during the embarkation process. Your bags are manhandled by porters and your luggage is placed in a holding bin along with hundreds of other bags. Clear luggage tags you find on Amazon are a cheap investment that will serve you well for many trips.

    1. Over the door organizers.
      • Cabins are small and storage space is limited. Having a shoe organizer helps keep things tidy and easy to reach.

    1. Waterproof money pouch.
      • Inevitably you will dock in a port and want to enjoy some beach time. You can keep your ID, cash or credit card handy where you can keep it around your neck for easy access and safety is essential. Don’t forget to test the seal before you leave home. The last thing you want is soggy money.

    1. Waterproof camera.
      • You will want to take pictures of the fantastic scenes under the sea. You don’t have to spend loads of money on a GoPro but there are similar cameras that will do a great job for a fraction of the price.

    1. Sunblock!
      • The sun is brutal! You are having fun, splish-splashing and hours are just ticking away. Before you know it, BAM your skin is screaming at you because you forgot to apply sunblock.

    1. Water shoes
      • I would like to say all beaches are created even, but the reality is some have sharp shells and not the baby soft sand. Be prepared, plus you can always take your shoes off later.

    1. Poopourri spray
      • I will reemphasize here cabins are small spaces. You will get to know your cabin mates rather intimately. So a nice odor blocking spray can go a long way. After all, everybody poops!

    1. Snorkel Gear
      • Some excursions provide snorkel gear. Now, I don’t know about you but the thought of someone else using the gear before me just does not sound appealing. Try a snorkel full face mask. They are easy to use and breathing is much more natural.

    1. Packing Cubes
      • If you have never used these I highly urge you to give them a try. You roll up our clothing and organize them nicely. When your luggage is delivered with your nice luggage tags in place because you followed #1 on the list you will find it is much easier to unpack from packing cubes and you can fit so much more clothing!

    1. Yeti cup or equivalent cup.
      • Some drinks are free on a cruise. Water, tea, coffee and some form of fruit juice  You will find these items on the Lido deck. Cruise lines do provide cups at each station but 6oz of fluids at a time just doesn’t cut it for me. Being able to take my Yeti or Ozarka cup where I can fill it with ice and water is great! Plus the ice lasts days in the cup so refilling it is much easier and free!

Finally, remember to have fun! Make lots of memories, let loose and make new friends!

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