Mr. Sancho’s Spa Suites-Cozumel, Mexico

On August 1, 2018, Mr. Sancho’s located in Cozumel, Mexico, debuted their all-inclusive Spa Suites. We were fortunate to get a glimpse of these rooms back in June and knew immediately we would be booking them. If a romantic day is what you are seeking or just a relaxing completely private day then book this Spa Suite ASAP! (Video link to Mr. Sanchos Spa Suite- Playa locate at end of blog)

Today August 21, 2018, we arrived at Mr. Sancho’s promptly at 0800 by taking a taxi from the cruise port. The ride will cost $17 each way and plan a tip on top of it. Basically $20 each way.  We were greeted as usual with smiles and enthusiasm. One thing that was a bit different, they asked my husband, “Are you, Richard?” He replied, “I am!” Right then the mood went from nice to over the top! We were escorted right through the check-in area, and we’re met half way to the room by the manager. He was thanking us for returning and booking the spa suite. There were about four people in total who all greeted us and walked us to the room. We had a waiter ( I am so sorry I forgot your name good sir!) and Luis our concierge who tended to all our needs via a phone you just call them up on when you need service.

Upon entering the room, it was even more beautiful than I envisioned it could be from back in June when I saw the in-progress room. Heavy wooden doors are at the entrance with magnificent carvings. As you walk in, you have a foyer with blown glass artwork. (Think Bellagio ceiling). You go past a small bridge that has an indoor waterfall wall and indoor moat. The room opens up to a king size bed and more artwork. This bed was the most comfortable bed I have laid in! Opposite the bed sits a buffet cabinet loaded with snacks, a mini fridge loaded with coke, coke light (diet Coke), Fanta orange, Dos Equis, Tecate light, Sprite, and water which were all included in the cost of the room. The bathroom is what dreams are made of! It had a full walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead to the one side and a nice sprayer shower head on the other end. You could comfortably fit 8-10 people in the shower. Not that we get down that way but just saying you *could*! The shower is glass encased and has an entrance from inside the room and another from the outside area. You get a full walk-in closet with a safe. The toilet is your standard American toilet.

Now on to the outside! In my opinion the best feature of this room. You have a huge pool all to yourself. If you are a bit reclusive like my husband and me, then you know how much you value privacy. There were loungers in the shallow end and stairs with rails that lead to the deeper plunge pool. Again easily fit ten people in this pool, but you can only book these suites if you are a couple. I can not state how much we loved this amazing pool!

An outdoor shower is located in the far corner, but we felt it wasn’t needed since you could access the shower from the outdoor area. There was a small table where you can eat food from the all-inclusive menu. Lastly, there were two massage tables where you will get an hour-long massage from head to toe front and back.  Our masseuses were Sara and Lupita, two thumbs up! Now, I know you are asking how much will this set me back? At the time we booked the suite we paid $500. Was it worth it? Hell yes! Would I book it again? In a heartbeat! You can’t book these overnight yet, but if they ever did, I would be all over it! Anyone that is going on a cruise and planning on going to Mr. Sancho’s consider splurging on this fantastic opportunity. We emailed Mr. Sanchos for the reservation at This blog will not do this room justice but watch the video here for a walkthrough of the lower floor suite named Playa. If I could give this place 10 stars I would in an instant!

Will you be booking this suite? Create an account and comment below! Mr. Sanchos if you are reading my post, how about a referral code? (shameless plug).

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